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Lydia Majoli

Lydia Majoli
Crystal harmony therapy
+34 871 774 683
15 Calle Maria Villangomez, Santa Eulalia 07849
Lydia is a qualified Crystal therapist with over 5 years experience working with crystals, the subtle bodies, energy and healing. Lydia's first experience of working with energy came after completing her Reiki level 1 and 2 in 2007. Intrigued by the beauty of the mineral kingdom, she then went on to study a 2 year intensive Crystal Therapy and Spiritual Healing diploma in London, England and graduated in 2011.
‘Learning about the energy field and the intricate parts of the subtle body is a fascinating subject. When in a deep state of being present we are able to connect to others and perceive the system. From there you are most likely to see things that may need balancing and fine tuning. Crystals are those tools that our mother earth has provided to facilitate us in reconnecting and realigning our energy system to a more harmonious way of being.’
In 2013 Lydia had an unexpected calling to go to Mexico and there she found herself on the path of the medicine person where she participated on a one year course in Mexico City at the school of indigenous wisdom with Na‘Aak Paola Ambrossi.
‘I am honoured to have shared my time and space with Na’Aak. She is an amazing teacher and embodies the wisdom of a true medicine woman.’
Lydia’s unique healing technique uses the power of crystals, sound, aromas, universal energy and 4 elements on the subtle bodies to help restore wholeness and well-being to her clients. Her knowledge of crystals and the beneficial effects they can have, helps bring about a profound healing for the mind, body and spirit. Lydia is an experienced therapist that works in a gentle and respectful manner for the highest good of all her clients. She is available for one to one sessions.
Spanish, English
Fridays 12pm-8pm
Open to discover, be present and live in the heart
  • Lydia Majoli
  • Lydia Majoli