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Joleen Eide-Johansen

Joleen Eide-Johansen
Practitioner of EFT
0034 628 987 526
Calle Navarra 27, Ibiza
Healing by Hand from the Heart, with EFT, or Tapping. Fears, emotional traumas are what cause disease and keep people stuck in struggle. Feelings of never moving forward, and reoccurring ilnesses can be caused by memories and emotions we have from the past. With EFT, you can let go of all which is holding you back as it comes up.

Healing I have found has to be done while we are living our everyday lives, and with EFT, you can easily let go of daily stress as it comes back, as well as clear old memories that no longer serve us. The past is gone, and in order for people to grow and be who they truly are, they need to let go of that which no longer serves us. If we are ever to have world peace, then we have to create peace within our minds. With EFT, you have a DIY tool in your box for life, and it can be done anytime, anyplace, anywhere. There is always time for EFT!!!
By appointment.
to inspire the world to take action, and help others find their own way in life, so that one day we will have world peace. Happy people don't hurt others. It is time to spread our love and happiness from within...
  • Joleen Eide-Johansen
  • Joleen Eide-Johansen